Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does Little Albums Cost? Use of the Little Albums web site to create an online baby book is free. You can add as many journal and milestone entries and photos as you would like and there is never a fee. The only cost associated with using the online baby book is when you order a printed version of your baby book. If you never order a printed version, you will never have to pay a thing. Printed books start at $24.95 for a 20 page soft cover book and $39.95 for a 20 page hardcover book; additional pages are $1 for 2 pages.

2. What is the baby milestone email update system? And how does it help me keep track of my baby's milestones? The email update system helps you create a comprehensive baby book to share with friends and family that includes all the important "firsts" of the first year. Once you register with Little Albums you will receive automatic update reminder emails once a week. This email is more than just a reminder. You can update your baby's milestones directly from the email! The email is personalized based on your baby's age. There will be multiple milestones listed that are age appropriate for your baby. Next to each milestone is a record tab. If your baby has reached a milestone that week, all you have to do is click the record tab next to that milestone. It is that simple! You do not need to log in to the site. This is a great way to ensure even busy moms and dads keep track of all the important baby milestones. Then, when you have time, you can log in and update the recorded milestone with details, stories, and pictures.

You will not receive many emails from Little Albums. We do not sell or share email addresses with any other source, so your inbox will not be flooded with unnecessary emails.

3. What do I need to register and begin making my baby book? Registration is simple. All you need is a user name and password. It takes only a few minutes. Once you register you can start adding milestones right away by creating a profile for your baby. All you need is their name and birth date (or due date). Then you are ready to add photos, milestones, and journal entries for your baby's book.

4. When can I make a printed baby book? You can make a printed book at any time; however, all books are a minimum of 20 pages for printing purposes. If you don't have enough milestones for 20 pages, those pages will remain blank upon printing. Of course you can always fill those pages with photos or journal entries if you'd like.

5. What kind of images can I upload? Because SharedBook (our printing partner) only supports jpg images we have limited your image uploads to jpg formats so that all your photos can be printed in your final book.

6. What if my images are not jpg? You can convert your images to jpg. Here is a helpful link with more information on how to do this in case you need more help.

7. How is content organized on the site? Your baby book content is organized by the date of the journal entry or baby milestone. For each entry you will pick the date it occurred. You can chose dates in the past in case you missed something or are putting together a book for an older child. The content is organized in a timeline format from the most recent to the oldest entry.

Each individual entry can have photos uploaded and attached to enrich the milestone story. Each entry is displayed using a photo you upload for that entry, or your default profile photo if you don't have specific photos uploaded for an entry. When you click on the entry it will expand and show you the full entry and all applicable pictures.

8. Can I make changes to my content or pictures? You can add, edit, and delete entries, milestones, and photos whenever you like.

9. Can I use Little Albums to create books for more than one child? Little Albums can be used for so much more than baby books. Little Albums is structured so you can create as many individual albums as you would like. Make a baby book, keep a travel journal, or organize memories from each year for all your children. You can view the albums individually, or view the entire family album at once. It is a great way to do a little at a time to preserve and create great memory books for everyone.

10. Can I use Little Albums after my baby is a year old? Please do! You can use it for every year, for special occasions and events, or special trips. It is a great way to organize your thoughts and keep track of important or fun memories.