Put your book together through Shared book

Personalize your book

1. Personalize your book

You can personalize every page! Use your photos and text to make your book exactly the way you like.

A basic book is 20 pages, but you can add more for $1 every two pages.

Personalize your book

2. Create & Customize

You are the editor! Use the page templates to display your images and content that you've selected.

Personalize your book

3. Checkout & Delivery

After you receive your book, finish it with a flourish. If you like, you can add special details and paste in memorabilia.

Personalize your book

4. Final Touches

Create Your Book, personalized with your own content. Start by signing up for a FREE account that lets you save and share your photos and text.

Personalize your book

5. Enjoy your Book

Your Photos. Your Content. Your Book.